When Schools Need Money

by beagooddad on October 4, 2006

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Both kids have had to do the fund raiser thing for the schools recently.  Pookie’s school is doing the random stuff from a little catalog.  They have a whole bunch of knick-knacks and odd stuff.  Geetle’s school is going straight at our culture’s weak spot by selling cookie dough and popcorn.

Let me remind you that these are preschoolers.  They are not going to be going door to door selling the stuff.  They are totally expecting me to beg my family and coworkers to buy the stuff at a time where everybody and every program is doing the same.  Basketball players, band members, cheerleaders, the chess club, they all just need a few dollars to fund their program.  Plus, normal kids that don’t do anything need to collect money just so the teachers can buy extra craft projects for the classroom.

Let me be the first to go on the record as saying, if the schools need more money, let’s talk about getting it put into the budget.

Okay, normally doesn’t work and the programs still need the money.  Fine.  Instead of making me sell stuff and asking grade school through high school aged kids to knock on strangers’ doors begging for money, could we just have the program tell us exactly how much money they need?  And, then the parents involved and their families would know exactly how much money they needed to write checks for.

Let’s get rid of the overpriced popcorn middle man and give the money directly to the programs our kids are participating in.

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