Fall Is Officially Over

by beagooddad on December 1, 2008

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Saturday was our annual Festival of Lights Parade migration to East Peoria. Geetle and Pookie really like this parade and it is a great way for us to get a holiday season visit in with my Grandma and some of my other relatives down there.

Pookie and Geetle did a great job all day, enjoyed the parade, and loved the fireworks. Geetle was even interviewed by the local Channel 19 News but I’m not sure if it aired on TV or not.

Pookie had zero trouble with the noise of the parade because of his handy, dandy, noise reducing headphones that the hunters wear. The fireworks are after the parade and we had already moved back into the house. We rushed the kids outside to see the fireworks and Pookie initially resisted until I reminded him that he could put the headphones on as soon as we got outside. Then he rushed out with us and jumped up and down with excitement watching the explosions.

The kids, and the wife, slept most of the way home leaving me to listen to college football and fight to stay awake.

Giggles stayed home with my mom because she was recovering from a cold that she has graciously started spreading to the rest of us. But she had a great day on Saturday, too. She would have had a blast in Peoria, though. One of my cousins has a little boy a couple months older than her that she would have had a great time chasing around. Next year.

The conversation of the day award goes to Geetle and BeAGoodMom who had this one while getting back into the car at a gas station.

Geetle: What’s this?
BAGM: Don’t touch that.
Geetle: BAGM: Now we’re going to have to wash your hands before you can have your snack. What lesson did we just learn.
Geetle: Don’t touch bird poop unless it’s dry.

That’s right folks. Stay away from bird poop until it has sufficiently hardened.

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