5 Signs We Are Ready For Christmas

by beagooddad on December 8, 2008

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We have snow. We have radio stations playing only Christmas tunes. We have near zero temperatures.

And we have 5 signs our family is ready for Christmas.

  1. BeAGoodMom has all of the gift purchasing under control…except for the ones I’m responsible for. She’s starting to look for ways that she can take care of those without me noticing.
  2. BeAGoodDad is craving summer sausage, cheese balls, and sleep.
  3. Geetle constantly says, “I know what I’m going to buy you for Christmas” immediately after BAGM or I say, “I wish I had an X.”
  4. If you are green and prickly and stand still long enough, Pookie will decorate you with all of the Christmas decorations he can find in the room. Mental note: do not dye my beard (fine, my 5 o’clock shadow from 3 days ago) green.
  5. Giggles, after lots of coaching, is finally running around the house saying, “Ho, ho, ho” (which sounds more like “Ha, ha, ha”) and is prone to dancing to Christmas songs while standing on her knees in the middle of the mosh pit that is our family.

Are you feeling the Christmas vibes yet?

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