The night I almost ruined

by beagooddad on December 12, 2008

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Yesterday was a crappy day at work that involved me needed to work an extra hour. Then, the drive home took an extra hour and a half.

When I got home, BAGM was completely exhausted and we were supposed to go to Pookie’s school for a winter festival, BAGM was supposed to go to the gym, I was supposed to clean a bunch of the house.

I immediately recommended that we skip the school so that BAGM could go to the gym earlier, I could get started on my chores earlier, and we could try to maintain some sanity.

BAGM weakly offered to take the kids herself. I eventually talker her out of that.

Geetle FREAKED OUT. She apparently had been looking forward to going to this even at Pookie’s school for some time.

I normally put my foot down when Geetle FREAKS OUT and refuse to do whatever it is she is FREAKING OUT about.

For some reason, I took a breath, calmed down, and told BAGM that she should go to the gym and that I would take the kids to school. It really wouldn’t change my night that much because I couldn’t really start the cleaning until after they went to bed anyway and she could get her workout over quicker.

BAGM decided that she would rather spend some time doing the family activity and so we all piled in the car and had a great timme at the school. They made ginger bread houses and had a cookie. Pookie said hi to about 20 teachers and aides and one classmate. Giggles was being silly and trying to get into everything. Geetle just had fun being at Pookie’s school which is a somewhat magical and special place in her mind.

BAGM made it to the gym afterward and I did about a million chores that I haven’t had time to do so far this week.

So my lesson of the day was to work on not letting what happens before I get home from work change the plans that I have after work. Even though doing things like school activities with the kids is difficult after a rough day, they normally turn out to be fun, spirit lifting events if you give them the chance.

And why would I let work ruin that.

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