Christmas and Stuff and Kid Updates

by beagooddad on December 29, 2008

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Christmas was a blast this year.

Geetle did a great job of being excited with every present and every cookie and every song and every decoration and every…well, just everything. That girl sure loves Christmas.

Giggles LOVES opening presents and refuses to stop until the entire present has been opened.

Pookie, for the first time ever, really seemed to get into Christmas. He has been spontaneously singing Christmas songs. He willingly opened almost all of his presents. He loved decorating the trees. And he really loves all of his “stuff.”

That’s the new concept around the house. Pookie has stuff. He is constantly telling us that he wants to go home and play with his stuff or wants to take his stuff with him. I’m not sure where it came from, but it is cool to see him understanding collections of things and also possession of things. Certain things belong to Pookie and only Pookie and he is willing to tell people that. I’m sure that’s a big development.

The couple days since Christmas he has been bouncing around the house playing with this new toy and then that new toy for 5-30 minutes at a time. His stuff, Geetle’s stuff, Giggles’ stuff. But mostly the new stuff which is also a new thing. Pookie normally takes a week or so to open up to new toys but this year he has instantly taken to the new stuff. Again, I’m sure that’s a big development.

A quick note to parents of kids with autism. Exposing your kids to things is amazingly important. The first few times it might not mean anything but keep doing it, keep trying to make it fun, and don’t give up. Pookie has gone from almost disliking Christmas to really being a part of the scene. He has gone from barely wanting to visit the Museum of Science and Industry, to practically leading us around the place. He has gone from barely wanting Giggles to be in the house to smiling when she walks up and starts to mess with him. He has gone from barely able to stand in one place at Kyuki-Do class to breaking boards. It just takes a little more practice sometimes and they won’t get that practice if you give up after just one or two tries.

Giggles is a full time walker now complete with being able to pick up stuff off the floor without falling over. She’s also getting very cranky when she doesn’t get the things that she wants RIGHT NOW. And just the other day, she tried taking her pants off in the middle of a walk from the dining room to the library. That seems to be her new big thing. I’m hoping she out grows it before she is capable of doing it.

Geetle is reading. Like real books. Like Superfudge
. I think she is probably getting about 60-70% of the words but was able to tell us things like they moved to New Jersey and at the end the baby says they are going to move back “Nu Yuck.” She read almost the entire book over a two day period.

So there you have it. Another Christmas under our belts.

How were your festivities?

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