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by beagooddad on December 29, 2008

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I just switched templates over here at BAGD. If you normally visit through a feedreader or email and have a couple minutes, please stop by and kick things around a little bit to see if anything looks horribly broken.

So far the template is pretty basic and ugly. I’ll change all of that someday but not for a little while because I actually have a few web projects that I need to do now that the holidays are over that I’ll actually get paid for and I still need to customize my wife’s site some more before I can make non-urgent changes over here.

Anyway, the blogcleaning comes at a time when the year on the calendar is getting ready to increment on us. Time for fresh starts all around if you believe in that sort of thing.

One of the biggest changes is that I’m removing the BlogHer ads from this site. I have nothing against BlogHer, I just don’t think running their ads on my site are going to be a good fit with some of the other things I’m thinking about doing this year. For example, one of the restrictions of the program is that you cannot run any paid graphical ads above the fold if you are displaying BlogHer ads. I also don’t really some of the things that happen when they run out of the big paid advertisers. None of it is really that big of a deal but I decided it was time for me to try playing with other things.

I’m also considering changing a few things about how I write, how often I write, and what I write about. I haven’t really come up with a plan and probably won’t for a little bit but I’ll let you know when I do. A couple very loose thoughts are to either make it much more of a personal, humorous type of blog or a much more parenting advice articles type of site…or maybe a mix with certain types of articles showing up on certain types of days. I might even start proofreading what I write!

If you have any suggestions, feel free to let me know. If you notice anything broken, please let me know.

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