Transitioning to Chapter Books

by beagooddad on January 15, 2009

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We have been reading Superfudge to the kids before bed. We just finished last night and everybody is excited to start a new one.

During the experiment of reading a real chapter book before bed instead of the picture books that end up being more of a short story, I learned a few things about my kids.

Geetle can read. And I mean, she can really read.

Pookie can not only sit still for a story without pictures but he can pay attention. Every night I would ask him a question about the book. Simple stuff like what is Peter’s brother’s name. Most of the time I would get the correct answer. This is something they are working on with him at school. I’ll write about that some other time. But in this case, he was actually, really listening to the story. After the first few nights, he would actually tell us that it was time to go to bed and read Superfudge. Cool stuff.

I’m not sure if my kids still believe in Santa Claus or not. We read the chapter where Fudge admits that he knows that Superfudge is made up. I didn’t expect Pookie to question that but I really expected Geetle to say something like, “Is that true?” or “Is Santa real?” or “Judy Blume is stupid” but instead got nothing. Absolutely nothing. So she might still be a believer. I know I could have brought it up after reading the chapter and made a big life lesson/learning thing out of it but I didn’t really feel like it. Sometimes kids don’t need to have big discussions about everything new they hear.

Anyway, we now get to pick a new story. I’m leaning toward pushing The Wind in the Willows at them but might be forced to read Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing instead.

In votes of that nature does the dad’s vote count as 1 or 3?

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