Fear of Working At Home

by beagooddad on January 14, 2009

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A funny thing happened yesterday. I received the newsletter that our company sends out each month or so and found out that I had been named Employee of the Quarter. During that time, I was working on my project from hell that ended up going very badly right after going live but then I managed to pull everything together enough to keep everybody happy.

Some of the problems were my fault and some of them weren’t.

I actually thought my job was at risk for it and it might have been if it hadn’t turned out okay in the end. Instead of losing my job, I’m Employee of the Quarter. Go figure.

During that project I worked a TON of overtime and I worked almost all of the hours for the project in the computer room in our basement.

On my new assignment, I’m able to work at home once a week. I have been working from our bedroom because of the colds that went through the house but now I’m over that. Then I started blaming it on how cold our computer room gets in the winter.

Today we had a crazy snow day which created crazy traffic. I attempted to drive to work but gave up after traveling 5 miles in over an hour. So I wandered home to work a second day from home this week.

And set up shop on the main floor of the house.

Getting the named Employee of the Quarter mostly because of the evil project reminded me about all of the long hours, late nights (and into the morning), stress and how much I hated my job for a couple months. I think that the real reason that I’m not working in the computer room anymore is because I managed to associate that room with bad memories and therefore want to avoid it.

Strange. Maybe I need to write some kind of haunted-evil-room horror story straight out of the 70s to purge it from my system so I can get back to using our real family computer once in a while.

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