Splitting up the twins

by beagooddad on October 9, 2006

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Yesterday, Beagoodmom took Geetle into Chicago to visit a coworker that just had a baby.  Pookie and I were left to fend for ourselves.  We considered watching football in our underwear and having a pizza delivered, but opted for a more bonding type of day.

We went to the park.   I brought a notebook with me figuring that Pookie would end up on the slides for a while and I could jot down a couple random ideas if they popped into my head.  But, Pookie did not want to play alone for very long.

After about a half hour of the swings and normal playground equipment, I took him for a run down and back on the little soccer field.  When we were running back, Pookie flopped and I joined him on the ground.  My notebook was bothering me, so I took it out.

Pookie was all over it.  He flipped through each page but offered no critiques or opinions.  Until he got to a page that we had written the alphabet on several months ago.  He read that page out loud to me.  I wrote the numbers 1-30 on the facing page and we practiced reading those.  Then he asked for the little letters, so I wrote those next to the big letters.  Then he wanted me to draw an Arthur, so I drew each feature as he asked for them.  It doesn’t look like Arthur and Pookie told me that it was “Daddy.”  Man, I hope I don’t really look like that.  Then he wanted a fish.  Then he wanted a bow tie.  I also had to draw apples on the tree I drew, a feather because I would not let him play with the feather on the ground, and an eyebrow attached to nothing.
We also wrote the “message of the day” several times.  The “message of the day” is something they do at his school.  They sing a little song to get the kids to know they are getting ready to start the message.  Then the teacher says the message while drawing little horizontal lines, one for each word.  Then she says it again while writing each word.  Then she says it a third time pointing at each word.

Pookie loves the message of the day and forces us to do it at home.  In the park, we had the following messages of the day.

  • Today we will draw a picture.
  • Today we will read a story.
  • Today we will go to motor room.

We were on our bellies side to side most of the time.  Every once in a while, Pookie would lay flat on my back and say, “Cuddly kitty” and then climb back down.

Then a couple kids on bikes drove by and lured Pookie back to the playground.

Who would have thought the best time of Man Day at the park would involve playing with a notebook?  And, it doesn’t even take batteries.

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