Grocery Shopping

by beagooddad on February 3, 2009

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BeAGoodMom is doing the NutriSystem thing. So far it seems to be going well.

I have a couple new jobs to help out. I’m responsible for making dinners for the kids and me when I’m home and I’m responsible for grocery shopping.

So tonight, I made my grocery list to get us through Monday and then had BeAGoodMom added the things that she needs to go along with her NutriSystem food.

Then I headed off to Jewel (since they are the only place open after 10pm and I didn’t leave my house until 9:30pm).

The grocery store is BeAGoodMom’s domain. I’m not allowed. The last time I went grocery shopping was during the last stage of the Giggles’ pregnancy. I frequently go to Meijer to grab milk or a few things for a meal but never really do the wandering through all the aisles routine.

Grocery stores are so depressing. Everything is so packaged and processed and marketed and there is so many words trying to convince me that their thing is more natural and more healthy than the other packaged and over processed food.

Trust me, if I walk into a grocery store and get grossed out by the amount of sugar and fat and junk available, then we have a real eating problem in this country. I’m not exactly a food role model.

I did a decent job of avoiding most of the bad things by walking in with my list and only buying the things on my list. Hopefully next week I’ll be even a little more organized and a little better prepared. Who knows by the time BeAGoodMom takes over again, I might be clipping coupons.

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