Midnight Echolalia

by beagooddad on October 10, 2006

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Actually, it was 3am, I guess.

Pookie was struck with a sudden case of echolalia.  He started repeating the same line from one of his stories over and over.  It was like he was stuck and could not figure out what to do next.

I walked in and told him that it was time for night night and he needed to quit telling the stories.  Sometimes that works.  Not last night.

He kept going.

When I could get him to make eye contact, he would quiet down for a second then start the line again as soon as his eyes wandered.  I tried hugging him which kind of squashes him into the matress.  The pressure sometimes seems to calm him down.  It did not really work.  He never really seemed agitated, just very persistent.
Then, I remembered the trick that I try to remind everybody that watches Pookie to use and I always forget when it is time for me to do it.  I asked if he wanted a new diaper and placed his hand on his diaper.

He calmed right away and said “Change diaper.”

I stood up and got a diaper from his dresser.  He got out of bed by himself and joined me on the floor to change his diaper.  Then he climbed back in bed.  I hugged him and rubbed his back for a minute and then left while he was still entirely awake.

And he fell back asleep without saying another word.

I am by no means an expert with echolalia, but I am starting to learn that a lot of the time when he seems stuck on certain parts of stories, he might be trying to tell us something but not able to find the words.

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