State of the Union

by beagooddad on February 25, 2009

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Did you listen to the President last night? He’s a great speaker and I like a lot of things that he was pushing last night and have been hoping somebody would make them happen for years now.

So did the members of Congress in attendance apparently. Every couple sentences, they gave him a standing ovation.

Which I found pretty funny during scenarios like this:

  • President: We are going to cut the wasteful spending and fraud out of our budget.
  • Congress: Hurray! Right on! About time!

Now wait a second, weren’t most of the people in Congress today also in Congress when the last budgets were approved? Weren’t they around when the decisions about how to use the military in foreign countries and when the banks were giving out the “bad loans” and the education was falling apart.

Could you imagine getting a new boss at work and having the conversation go like this:

  • New Boss: We are going to get these salaries under control, increase the amount of work you lazy slackers have been doing, and keep you sad sacks off of the internet.
  • Employees: Hurray! Right on! About time!

Maybe they all just figure they were helpless under Bush and now they will have their chance to shine. Let’s hope that’s all that was holding them back.

Anyway, this just seems appropriate today.

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