Planning a Vacation To Boston

by beagooddad on February 26, 2009

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Time for a vacation. BeAGoodMom and I recently booked a flight and hotel room for ourselves to spend about a week (6 nights) in Boston toward the end of March.

My parents are going to watch the kids while we are away.

We are celebrating a chance to get away from the kids….I mean, we are celebrating our 10th anniversary which is on March 20th. 10 years! 2 cats, 3 hamsters, and tank full of fish (some of which have moved to the garbage can), 5 different apartments/houses, 4 cars (2 each).

I also managed to gain 60 pounds at my high point (holy crap) but down to +50 a dropping right now. Fortunately I was massively malnutritioned when we met. I was kind of like a stray cat that wound up on BeAGoodMom’s doorstep.

I’ve had 5 jobs, BeAGoodMom has had 3.

We deserve a break.

So we are going to balmy Boston in March. Do any of you live around there? Have any of you visited? Let us know about the odd things to do in the area that are not the normal tourist stops.

Also, I spent about a week looking around for the best rates on the airfare and hotel. Expedia won the war and proved to be the most usable site in my mind (just in case you are considering planning your own upcoming trip).

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