Can I make money in the stock market

by beagooddad on March 3, 2009

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I’ve been thinking about saving up a little bit of my personal fun money and dabbling in the stock market with the complete expectation that I will lose every penny that I put in (which will be my constant reminder to never put in more than I have to lose).

But like most Americans, I know very little about how it works.

God bless the internet. They have online sites where they give you pretend money and let you buy pretend stocks based on what is happening real time in the real world. The site I’ve been using even charges $10 per transaction which seems to be close to the going rate on a lot of the real “buy stocks online” type of websites.

The site that I’ve been hanging out on is called [affl.]. They started me out with $100,000 which is a bit more than the fun money that I would actually have access to in the real world but I can play around with some of the basics.

So far I’m down a few hundred over a couple days. Can you believe that I’ve never had a lesson?

I bought some Citigroup so I’m expecting good things when they announce to the world that all of their recent difficulties were just a joke and shame on us for believing a company could run themselves that poorly.

They have a friend type of system that I really haven’t looked into yet. If you happen to use the site or join up, let me know your username or just add me as your friend. My username is kalbzayn.

Hmm. as I wrote this, I went from about $350 down to about $150 down. Time for my rally.

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