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by beagooddad on March 9, 2009

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Yep. I’m officially a geek dad.

I’ve been reading Peter Pan to Geetle and Pookie during nighttime story time. I read about 5 pages a night and we’re getting close to the end. Geetle loves it because she’s a big pirate fan and Tinkerbell fan. Pookie has been listening to it very well and when we start to get ready for bed he tells me that I’m reading Peter Pan.

The language is a bit old fashioned and formal which I think is great. It is really forcing the kids to pay attention and learn some new vocab. I explain words that I think are right on the edge of what they should know and just let the more obscure ones pass.

Last night, I had a moment where I thought, “Hey, I like reading eBooks on my iPod touch.” In fact most of my reading (and I’ve been doing a lot this year) has been on the iPod.

So, during their bath, I fired up my favorite eBook reader program (Stanza) on my iPod, had it connect me to Project Gutenburg and downloaded a free copy of Peter Pan.

Then at story time, I read the book off of my iPod instead of the real paper book version.

The kids thought I was pretty cool.

A few neat perks of reading books on the iPod over paper versions. First, I was able to make the font really gigantic which made it easy for the kids to see as they sat beside me. I paused a couple times waiting for Pookie to quiet down and each time when he did, he looked at the screen and read a couple words of the book to prompt me to get back to reading. Second, the kids thought it was cool and paid more attention to the words just for the novelty of it (and perhaps because of the easier to see font). Pookie is in love with my iPod and how you can magically drag your finger around the screen to make it do stuff so anything that we do on the iPod gets his attention immediately. Third, the lighting in Geetle’s bed is decent but sometimes a little rough when reading the smaller print books. With the iPod’s backlit screen, it was easier to read without constantly angling to get a little more light.

So there you have it. One certified geek dad and two happy kids.

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