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by beagooddad on March 10, 2009

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So just tonight I was talking to BeAGoodMom explaining some research that I want to do that might lead me to coming up with the elusive Grand Unification Theory and some major kudos in the physics community by explaining why quantum mechanics and relativity don’t seem to play to well together. I’m really wishing I hadn’t dropped out of college where I was a couple years into my math major.

Anyway, BeAGoodMom’s eyes were starting to roll and she was “Mm hmm”ing.

Because I’m a geek and sometimes forget that non-geeks aren’t really into things like this.

But BeAGoodMom has a secret of her own. She’s a geek, too. A sewing geek. I’d love to see Stephen Hawking take a stab a deciphering this project BeAGoodmom not only created but documented.

For the record, the chicken came first…but the eggs were my idea.

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