Sign Language with Pookie

by beagooddad on March 11, 2009

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We haven’t really practiced sign language with the kids for quite a while. It worked well for us during the time we did it and now we’ve moved on. It will probably get popular again in a few months since I’m sure we will be doing some with Giggles pretty soon.

There are still a few signs that I use. Sit. Stand. Shoes.

It might sound like a funny list but they come in handy.

Sit is pretty obvious. Kid is bouncing around a room and I need them to settle down. Sit.

Stand is normally used in Kyuki-Do class. Pookie has a habit of very dramatically overdoing certain kicks and “accidentally” falling down. Stand.

Shoes is probably the one I use most of all these days. The crowd around a door when we prepare to leave a house can get loud and crazy. The kids sometimes get distracted and forget what is happening amongst the confusion. Normally if I can get them moving on putting on their shoes, the rest just falls into place. Shoes.

The part that amazes me is how Pookie responds to sign language. I can verbally repeat any of those words and describe very eloquently or very rudely exactly what he should be doing and I have about a 20% chance of him following the direction on the first try. If I give one of those 3 signs, I have about a 95% chance of him following the direction. It is almost amazing. I’ll sign shoes. He’ll stop and sign shoes. Then he goes off and puts on his shoes. Almost without fail.

I’m sure it has everything to do with Pookie being more visually receptive than verbally receptive but it is still kind of amazing to watch how differently he processes the verbal language versus the sign language.

And it doesn’t just work with Pookie. I sometimes use those same 3 signs with Geetle in hectic situations.

I should probably learn the signs for clean up your toys, do the taxes, and get the oil changed in the car.

If you are thinking about teaching some sign language to your kids, here are a couple books that teach some of the basic.
Sign Language for Kids: A Fun & Easy Guide to American Sign Language
My First 100 Words (Sign Language)

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