Todo while wife is pregnant – diapers

by beagooddad on October 11, 2006

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So, you are sitting around getting fat waiting for your baby to arrive. Your wife tells you that you need to get off your butt and start getting ready for the baby. What do you do?

Go buy some groceries and while you are there pick up a pack of diapers. I recommend the Wal-Mart generic brand. They are consistently the cheapest and they work as well, if not better, than some of the fancy diapers. A few days later, when you find yourself out buying flowers for your wife, pick up another pack of diapers. Pretty much anytime you walk into a store that sells diapers, throw a pack in your cart. Especially you dads-to-be of multiples.

Make sure that you spread out your purchases over several different sizes.

I recommend against buying preemie sized diapers. First of all the goal is to not need premie sized diapers so why buy them and mentally talk yourself, your wife, and ultimately your kids into accepting the premie mentallity. Our kids were born just after 37 weeks and weighed 6lb 7oz and 7lb 3oz. No premie diapers for us. Secondly, if you do have premie(s), you have no idea how small they will be and how long until they will fit into the normal smallest size. Sometimes you get lucky and it is just a week or so. If you must, buy one package and tell yourself that it is for the kids to use dressing their dolls in a few years.

Make sure you store the diapers in a dry, easy to access place. We threw most of them in their closet.

Don’t forget to pick up diaper wipes now and then. You do not EVER want to run out of diaper wipes.

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