Playing with dolls

by beagooddad on October 11, 2006

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Geetle recently has become very attached to her dolls again. She takes at least one everywhere. When they ride in the car without Pookie, the “baby” gets buckled into his seat. The baby gets fed and changed frequently. When the baby does get left behind, the adult staying at the house has to babysit her baby.
And, let me tell you. That baby gets talked to. It is amazing how much that baby gets talked to. We like to ask Geelte questions about what the baby is doing, or what the baby wants and Geetle always has an answer.

Geetle has enjoyed dolls off and on for a while now, but she is doing something new with the dolls that I don’t remember from the last time through the phase. She has started talking through the dolls.

She will say things like, “The baby is tired. She wants to take a nap.” Or “The baby wants to know if she can have a cookie.” Interesting stuff.

So, just when we got used to only half-listening to her constant conversations with the dolls, we realize that we are going to have to pay attention again. There might be something important that the doll wants to tell us.

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