The Saga of the Broken Window

by beagooddad on March 20, 2009

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I forgot to mention that the neighbor kid broke the window to our car a couple days ago. It’s a pretty funny story. The dad is pretty intense when it comes to sports and had been trying to get his middle son (about 8 years old) to throw the ball instead of aiming it while playing catch. They are getting ready for baseball season.

The dad was getting frustrated and it was close to dinner time so he says, “Ok, one more throw before we go in. Throw the ball, stop aiming it, and don’t worry about throwing it over my head.”

The kid did all three and the ball went through the back side window of the minivan.

They were extremely apologetic and cleaned up all the glass and called someone to fix it. That guy was scheduled to show up today, which he did. But he brought the wrong window.

We are leaving for vacation in a few hours. The neighbors have the remote to our garage and have vowed to make this right.

BAGM and I are like, “We totally don’t need that car until we get back and we will not even once think about this while we are gone. Don’t worry about it, neighbors.”

We just found out that in addition to bringing the wrong window, they also raised the quoted price which is making neighbor dad extremely happy.

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