New Crazy Game That We Will Only Play Once

by beagooddad on October 13, 2006

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Yesterday, Beagoodmom and I decided to take the kids with us to the gym.  They have a day care room that the kids do not seem to mind too much.

So, we decide that we are going to go upstairs and change to go to the gym.  Geetle started getting wound up and must have asked if she could change, too.  Beagoodmom reached over very quickly and pulled Geetle’s shirt off.  Pandemonium ensued.  Geetle chased Beagoodmom through the house laughing hysterically.  Beagoodmom eventually threw the shirt out the front door.  Geetle then took off her t-shirt and shoved it through the no-longer-necessary cat door leading to the basement.  Her pants ended up in the fridge.  Her underwear in the silverware drawer.

Then it was time to start getting dressed.  Beagoodmom started gathering up the clothes so that Geetle would not need a whole new outfit just to go play in the play room of the gym.  She found the underwear, the ones that were in the silverware drawer.

Now, what comes next is slightly gross…if you are a dog.  Very gross for us humans.  Geetle tries her best, but is still mastering the challenging art of “wiping the poopies.”

Let’s just say, she needs more practice and we need to make sure we never play this game again.

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