The Weekend Where Everything Went Wrong

by beagooddad on October 16, 2006

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Ever have one of those weekends.  Nothing very traumatic happened but it was still a little strange.

On Saturday, Beagoodmom had to clean the oven because of an unfortunate pie overspill earlier in the week.  I have a cold, so I was watching TV with the kids in the room right next to the kitchen.  When the oven heated up, the chemicals from the cleaners spewed out into the house and actually hurt my lungs and eyes.  We had to rush out of the house to escape the fumes and eat dinner.

We walked around Target to kill some time.  Geetle had a bit of a meltdown and was constantly getting in trouble.  We couldn’t go home like we would normally do when the kids act crazy like that.  We eventually got everything under control and asked the kids what they wanted for dinner.  They could have had almost anything from almost anywhere, but they wanted Target soft pretzels.  Yes, my kids each ate a soft pretzel and nothing else for dinner.

Sunday morning, we woke up and found out that I had left the refrigerator door open all night causing us to need to go to the grocery store to replinish a bunch of food.

Then, later in the day we went to Meijer to pick up a couple things.  Meijer only had one of them.  We left it behind and planned on me running out somewhere else after the kids went to bed.  When we got home, I was goofing around carrying Pookie and picked up the newspaper.  I tossed the paper toward Beagoodmom who was standing on the porch.  The bottom of the bag ripped open and the newspaper went flying all over the yard.

I went to Wal-Mart later and they didn’t have any of the items that we wanted.

Then, I started a new assignment today.  I went to get a pop before lunch and the vending machine ate my money.  I wrote down the number to call for a refund and tried one more time.  I heard the pop drop, but nothing came out.   Around lunch time I was wandering the building with a coworker.  He was showing me where the cafeteria and quickie mart are.  I decided to finally get my pop.  When I got back to my desk, I realized that I had accidentally bought a Diet Pepsi and I hate diet drinks.

I am considering the weekend officially open and ready to get back to normallcy tomorrow.  As strange as my weekend was, it was nowhere close to the weekend Kailani had.
Beagoodmom loves pineapple.  She just wanted me to share that.

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