Getting siblings to love each other

by beagooddad on October 19, 2006

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Pookie still does not give Geetle very much attention.  He is getting much better about noticing when she chases him around the house, but that is about it except when we really push him.

Tonight I was making Mac & Cheese for me and the kids.  Geetle was in the basement napping on the floor.  Pookie was up with me waiting for the Cheesey goodness.  Beagoodmom was stuck gossiping at work.  I looked at Pookie and said, “Go tell Geetle it is time to eat.”

Pookie does not respond to requests like this very often yet, especially if they involve him needing to tell somebody something.

I had to say it a few times, but it finally registered and he walked right downstairs.  I was intrigued so I followed him to see what he was really going to do.  He walked right over to Geetle and got distracted by some toys nearby.  I whispered from the stairs, “Tell Geetle it is time to eat.”  He grabbed her hand and whispered, “Time for breakfast.”

Since she was sleeping, I thought telling her that it was breakfast time was pretty clever since she was sleeping.

So, I did a good dad thing today.  I was just complimenting Beagoodmom yesterday for how good she was gotten at getting Pookie to talk to her.  She gets him to say all kinds of things about his day that I am not very good at doing yet.

But, I’m working on it.

And, I’m giving the kids baths tonight.  That’s got to be a good dad thing, right?

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