My kids do not need parents anymore

by beagooddad on October 22, 2006

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Beagoodmom and I were doing a bunch of chores around the house today.  A little after lunch, Pookie hurt himself a little bit.  Beagoodmom laid down with him on the couch to cuddle.  It looked like they were getting comfortable so I laid down on the love seat.  Geetle started getting pillows from the backs of the couches and buried me so she could sit on top of me.  She was having a good time.

Then we fell asleep.  Beagoodmom and me that is.  Pookie went downstairs to play in the basement.  That’s where we found him when we woke up anyway a couple hours later.  We found Geetle in her own bed taking a nap.  I think my kids are finally over all this parenting stuff.

Beagoodmom was reminding me of a time when she was home with the kids and got sick just before I was coming home from work.  The kids were between 1 and 2 years old.  It was snack time, but Beagoodmom could not move.  So, she told Geetle to go into the kitchen and get some snacks for her and her brother.  Geetle wandered off and took quite a while but eventually wandered back with some Cheerios.  Beagoodmom poured them into the back of their toy dump truck and waited for me to come home.

Maybe the kids have been over us for a while.

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