Too cold to swing – Not anymore

by beagooddad on October 23, 2006

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We have noticed recently that after a few minutes of swinging, Pookie seems to be a lot more actively vocal and in general just better settled.  Since then we have tried to make sure we get him to the park more frequently, but it is hard with school schedules and just normal busyness.

We considered putting a swingset in the back yard but knew the cold winter would prevent using it much until next spring.

So, we officially became the coolest house in the world yesterday.  I installed two half-bucket swings hanging from the basement ceiling.  Yep.  Right in the middle of the room.  I’m sure you won’t see anything like that on any of the fancy home design shows.  I am also sure that it is going to be amazingly popular with the kids and will probably result in at least one swing related injury this winter since the kids are not very good at dodging swings yet.

In addition to swinging, Geetle had a great time pushing Pookie.  In fact, we had to constantly tell her that she can not push that fast in the house.

Yeah, we might look a little crazy but admit it, you’re jealous.

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