Paranoia Pandemic

by beagooddad on May 4, 2009

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Schools are shutting down left and right because of the H1N1-A virus. Our local high school recently added themselves to the list. The Chicago Public Schools are going to be sending home for a week any kid with a cough and a fever over 100 degrees even if they don’t have a nurse of staff. That means teachers and principals with no medical training will be making the call to chop a week of education from a child because of the threat of the H1N1-A virus.

This is for a virus that is confirmed to have killed 25 people around the world with almost all of those deaths in Mexico with the exception of one toddler who had recently been in Mexico before his death.

All in all, there are a reported 985 officially reported cases of the virus according to the World Health Organization.

Did you know the number of people who die from a flu each year is around is around 36,000 per year just in America each year according to the CDC. So while we have all been hearing about the H1N1-A strain of the flu, 98 people per day have been dying in the United States from all flus combined and only 1 of them during that entire time is known to be from the H1N1-A version.

Did you know that the number one cause of death in America for children 1-18 years old is auto accidents? And it isn’t even close. You can play around with the numbers here.

So if you really want to keep your kids safe, make them walk to school. It is probably safer than keeping them home and driving them to the doctor’s office.

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