Yearly traditions especially for your family

by beagooddad on October 28, 2006

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Trick or treating. Thanksgiving dinner. Opening Christmas presents. These are all easy yearly traditions to participate in but they are not the only ones you need to know about and definitely not the only ones your family should participate in.

Every family should have a set of their own special traditions.

We have a couple parades that we go to every year. One near both sets of grandparents. Tomorrow is the Pumpkin Festival parade which is near my parents. We can walk to the end of the street to watch the parade.

Parades are pretty good traditions because they all seem to consist of people who like to throw candy at your kids. This keeps the kids occupied and generally content. Last year, Pookie really seemed to like the marching bands. He did a lot of dancing before getting tired and falling asleep on Mamaw’s couch. He really hates the loud fire trucks and hot rods. The loud horns and engines really get into his head differently than the rest of us. Geetle likes anything and everything at a parade…especially the candy.

Another part of the tradition happens a few hours before the parade. Within walking distance of my parents’ house is the starting line for a 10K race that I run every year. A few years back I was in pretty decent shape and finished right around 43 minutes. I was pretty thrilled. Since then, I have progressively gotten slower and slower. This year will probably be the first year it takes me more than an hour. Yuck and ouch.

The kids get a little bored during the race but can head back to the house if things get too bad. So far, they have always been there when I finish and are excited to see me suddenly appear amidst the more than 1000 other runners.

I have a couple races that I run every year not matter how fit I am. They normally remind me that I need to start running again. But, more importantly, participating in the races shows my kids that I think fitness is fun. I am hoping that as they get older they might get a similar idea and maybe decide to run some races with me.

That would be a great tradition.

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