A rained out baseball game and Octavia Butler helped me get a free copy of a friend’s book

by beagooddad on May 14, 2009

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Geetle earned a free ticket to a local minor league baseball game last night. She read X books in Y days. It was threatening rain all day and sometimes actually doing it. But we took a chance and headed to the game (just the two of us – BeAGoodMom and Pookie had their own adventure, and Giggles had yet another).

We ate our hot dog and did the kid parade around the actual playing field. The parade starts at center field, heads along the fence toward right field, down the first base foul line to the home plate, back up the third base line and back to center field.

When we were about two steps from home plate, the thunder started rumbling overhead.

They rolled out the tarp after the parade was completed and made everybody stand in the covered areas by the concession stands.

Geetle and I had a big bag of popcorn and bought a giant #1 foam hand.

Finally, an hour after the planned start time, they canceled the game.

So we got to do everything besides actually watch a game. Geetle was a little bummed. We stopped at a Borders to go to the bathroom and pick up a book for each of the kids (did you know it was Children’s Book Week?)

I’m incapable of entering a book store without buying something. I figure I’m building Karma for just in case I ever get something published. They had Fledgling by Octavia Butler in the bargain bin for $3.99.

I’ve wanted to read it for a while (I’m so embarrassed that I’ve never read one of her books before) so I added it to the pile. While paying, The ringer-upper told me that the bargain bin books were buy one get one free and sent me off to find another.

I was about to close my eyes and just grab something when a book caught my eye.

Invisible Touch by Kelly Parra

I read an Advanced Reading Copy of her first book, Graffiti Girl, a couple years ago (or was it a few years ago – man, how time flies). It’s a Young Adult novel and I’m not really much of a Young Adult reader. But, at the time I was spending a lot of time hanging out on fiction writer blogs and had exchanged emails a few times. She lives close to where I was stationed in California so I’m jealous of her publishing success and her geographic living situation. I can’t remember if I won the ARC or just begged for it but I read it very quickly and enjoyed it quite a bit.

The world at large enjoyed it to. It is good enough to where she was able to sign a “film option” for the book; whatever that means.

So I picked it up. For free.

I’ve now managed to get both of Kelly Parra’s books for free which isn’t really good for her writing career but I figure I can make up for it a little bit by mentioning her to all of you.

If you want to know more about one of the nicest authors I’ve ever met (as much as talking to people on the internet counts as meeting), here is her official website, but I recommend her blog called Words of a Writer where she shares a ton of info about being a writer.

All of this is especially timely for me as I contemplate my life after trimming down my blogging obligations but I’ll write about that some other time.

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