Changing summer plans

by beagooddad on June 3, 2009

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I’m officially in college now. I’m signed up for 2 classes over the shortened summer session which technically makes me a full time college, full time worker, full time husband and full time father. I’m sure that adds up to more than 100% somewhere along the way. I should be able to figure out exactly what it adds up to soon since I’m working on my math degree.

Both of the classes, and in fact all of the classes I’ll be taking, are all online from the University of Illinois at Springfield. This program specifically.

This summer I’m taking CHE 261 – Global Greening for a Sustainable Future and CSC 442 – The Internet and American Life.

In addition to that, I need to retake/relearn Calc 1 through 3 before I can take the rest of the math classes for my major. I tested out of Calc 1 and 2 when I was a freshman in college and started in Calc 3. That was in 1993. I took my last math classes in 1995 when I left academia for the military. I signed up too late to get into the Calc 1 online and just found out that it won’t be offered online this fall. But Calc 3 will be. So while I’m doing my full time coursework, I’ll also be reteaching myself Calc 1 and 2 in the 12 weeks between now and August 24th when the fall session begins.

For my down time, I’ll be playing with the kids, helping clean the house once in a while, and taking occasional nights off to watch TV with BeAGoodMom.

I did find out some good news about all of this. I originally thought that I would have 14 classes (plus 1 – 1 hour doohickey) left after this summer semester and just found out that I probably will only have 9 (plus that 1 hour doohickey) – 8 of which will be math classes. Two of those are because of the Calc 1 and 2 debacle and the others are because I already have somewhere near 4000 college credit hours from my prior educational endeavors. That means there is some chance if all of the classes are magically offered exactly when I need them that I will be done with the BA degree around Spring 2011 or so which I’m pretty sure will be before my kids earn their college degrees.

Take that you lazy kids!

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