Super-secret post Halloween survival secret

by beagooddad on November 1, 2006

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I will save the super-secret secret for the end of the post. First, let me tell you how Trick or Treating went for the Beagoodkids.

I had to work late last night. It only happens to me a handful of times a year, so it is almost doubly frustrating when it happens on a good family holiday like Halloween.

I did manage to get home right when the kids were finishing dinner and Geetle was about to pop with excitement of the upcoming Trick or Treating. We dressed the kids up and headed at into the brisk evening (just over freezing – but no wind).

At the first house we walked them up the driveway and kind of guided them to go ring the doorbell. The neighbors have a daughter a couple years older than our kids. We all play together once in a while. The dad gave our kids some candy, but also had a special present just for our kids. Little necklaces with a plastic ghost pendant that flashed red light, kind of like the light that most kids shoes flash these days. The kids made us open them right away and were mesmerized.

From that point on they quickly marched up to every door, rang the door bell, and often said Trick or Treat and Thank You. Of course, they also nibbled on candy along the way. When we got home, we all sat around munching on candy for about fifteen minutes before it was bedtime.

We knew Geetle would do a good job. She had been excited for months to go Trick or Treating. We were a little floored with how well Pookie seemed to understand the whole thing without us needing to do any special work with him. I could not stop smiling watching him walking around doing everything so completely normally.

Want to know our secret for surviving the sugar influx that Halloween brings to your house full of children? Let them eat whatever they want before bed. After they go to bed, pick out one special piece of candy for each kid and put it away for the next day. We put our kids special piece on the kitchen table. Then, and here’s the real secret, throw the rest away. Nobody needs that much candy hanging around. Your dentist may not be happy with your decision, but it really
is for the best.

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