My Cheap Adventure Day with the kids

by beagooddad on June 16, 2009

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On Sunday, I kicked BAGM out of the house for a forced fun day. I have no idea what she ended up doing other than that she never did get around to getting her nails painted.

Geetle is really starting to hate when I’m the only one at home with them because the TV never seems to get turned on. I’m not sure how true that is but I know I’ve been making it a point of emphasis in my parenting recently and I’ve watched Geetle amazingly start to find ways to entertain herself without me needing to constantly mention things she could be doing. On Sunday, she was brushing her Polly Pocket dolls’ hair, pointing barrettes in, and making them talk to each other.

Giggles took a nap between noon and 2:30pm. I decided that since I’m on vacation this week that I should do something with the kids and Adventure Day was born.

We spent a total of around $36 (which could have easily been $21) and the entire thing took about 3 hours.

Here’s what we did:

  • Caribou Coffee. We started Adventure Day at snack time. Caribou is right by our house and my very common homework spot. All three kids picked blue berry muffins and white milk. I picked an apple fritter and coffee. We ate the snacks while swinging our legs on the chairs. The kids found the toys (that I had never seen before) and spent an extra ten minutes digging through those.
  • Petland with Big Fancy Attached Fish Store. A nearby Petland store has a really great fish store. So we went and ohhed and ahhed at the dogs and cats, checked out the turtles, asked when we could get a new hamster (never) poked each fish tank and were back on the road about twenty minutes later. My favorite section was this table where they had about 100 hermit crabs all just hanging out about three foot off the ground. Hermit crabs are all neat and pretty on the outside and all kinds of mean and ugly on the inside. I could probably make some kind of joke about how they remind me of the girls that go to USC but I don’t think I’ve ever actually talked to any girls that go to USC.
  • Lego store at the mall. Not the big fancy (expensive) Legoland. Just a normal little Lego store in the mall. The big kids are getting into Legos and were just amazed at all the different kits and such that they have in that store. BAGM ordered 5 pounds of random old school Legos that should show up in the mail any day now and I was hoping to find a neat book showing how to use the old school bricks to make neat things but no luck.
  • Barnes & Noble – I force Geetle to pick out something that wasn’t Junie B. Jones or Captain Underpants and both a series and author that we had never heard of. She picked Buddy (The Puppy Place) and has already read it 2 or 3 times. She even learned a new joke that goes, “Why did the dog carry an alarm clock? He wanted to be a watchdog. Ha! Ha! Ha!” I’m not sure if all of the Ha!s are supposed to be part of the joke or not. I bought Pookie Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day which was met with a so-so so far. I think he’ll like the repetition in this one someday. I bought Giggles Baby Signs for Bedtime. She has another book in the series and loves all the babies and has picked up one or two signs. I’m not sure where I ended up putting this one when we got home so she’ll be amazed in a day or two when it shows up.

Then, we drove back home for dinner. I refused to tell the kids what we were doing until we got to each destination (Geetle HATES surprises). I let Giggles walk around without a stroller everywhere except the mall (it is a very crazy, crowded mall – not or normal local near ghost town mall). Everybody had a great time. Yesterday (still no TV), our big moment of fun was going to green park which I personally haven’t been to in quite a while. It has equipment better for toddlers and a large sand area. We picked up McDonald’s cookies (2 each for the big kids, 1 each for Giggles and me) and at them on the picnic tables before playing and then spent about an hour playing. Another fun day.

Today BAGM and I took the kids to GameWorks which is quite a different kind of fun experience for the kids. Tomorrow…we’re going to wait to see what the weather ends up doing before committing to tomorrow yet.

Tired. Too much homework. No proofreading. Goodnight.

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