Stuff I found on the internet – November 2, 2006

by beagooddad on November 1, 2006

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I have been catching up on a ton of reading over the last couple days. Here are a few articles that I particularly enjoyed.

Kids almost always have their priorities right.

Magic in the Halloween night air. It must have been a good night to take the kids Trick or Treating. First Pookie and Geetle do a great job, then Bud catches his mom without a backup plan for if things went well, a situation I have found myself in a couple times.

School Frustrations. I remember a few of my friends parents really pushing their kids to get better than “C” grades. But really, if that is average, isn’t that what most kids should be getting?

Tired of the modern hyper violent games with the hyper realistic graphics, Nintendo Wii might help you find more appropriate games with the capability of playing several old games from old systems. I might have to buy the new Wii so I can play all the old games I grew up with…with my kids of course.

Just wave your hand to pay for your lunch. If the scanner works as poorly as a the ones at a client I recently worked for, getting through the lunch line could be an all day affair. (Article found via Futurismic)

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