by beagooddad on July 10, 2009

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Really is Pookie’s new favorite phrase.

Me: Do you want milk?
Pookie: Really.

Me: Do you want to play outside?
Pookie: Really.

I have a theory on why the word “really” has come to mean yes. Pookie has a tendency of answering questions without listening to the questions.

A question like, “Do you want brussels sprouts?” is frequently answered “Yes” before he’s had a chance to realize that he doesn’t even know what they are and probably would not really want them.

So, to give him a chance to pause and reconsider, I think we frequently will counter his too quick “Yes” or “No” with a “Really?”

And then his logical response to confirm that would be “Really.”

And therefore to cut out the middle steps, he’s taken to answering yes/no questions directly with the “Really.”

It’s just a theory but it is amazingly funny to hear him do it. It makes me want to ask him to have some tea with me and talk about the bloody Yanks or something.

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