Can the IVF success rate really be about to double?

by beagooddad on November 3, 2006

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A new study seems to indicate some very good news in on the way for people undergoing IVF treatments. Currently about 34% of IVF cycles in the U.S. result in pregnancy.

Scientists have begun testing a new procedure where they look for the by-products the embryos create. They test the fluid the embryos hang out in before they are transfered. Healthy embryos seem to produce more free radicals. During the study of 108 embryos, they were able to predict which would implant successfully with about 80% accuracy.

More studies need to be done, but if this ends up working out, it would dramatically change the face of IVF in the U.S. Doctors would have virtually no incentive to implant multiple embryos in most women. The amount of multiple pregnancies from IVF would drop significantly resulting in fewer preemies and less trauma on the mother’s body. It could also help reduce the cost of the entire process and maybe encourage more health care plans to cover IVF expenses.

Keep your fingers crossed that the results continue as more testing is done. This could be a big one for families having trouble conceiving.

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