Parental leave after having a baby

by beagooddad on July 23, 2009

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I was monkeying around the Internet and found this link to a Wikipedia article about parental leave.

Check it out. The United States is dead last in guaranteed paid parental leave around the world.

Dead last.

Not only behind Canada and Norway and all the other countries that top lists like this. But also behind Chad, Djibouti, Nigeria and Iraq.

It’s funny to hear all our talk about family values falling apart in the United States but it seems like it would be helpful for people to not need to return to work so soon after having a kid. And it’s not even that radical of an idea. The rest of the world seems to find a way to do it.

Lithuania has a pretty sweet deal.

52 weeks 100% + 52 weeks 85% (either mother or father can take it or take the leave in shifts)

And Norway’s is just awesome. Both parents HAVE to take 6 weeks off after the baby is born. That’s just amazing and familyrific.

54 weeks (12.5 months) (80%) or 44 weeks (10 months) (100%) – mother must take at least 3 weeks immediately before birth and 6 weeks immediately after birth, father must take at least 6 weeks – the rest can be shared between mother and father.

Damn those atheist, socialist, communist pigs and such.

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