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by beagooddad on August 4, 2009

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The kids are going to spend the weekend with their cousins T-Man and Belaina this weekend so BeAGoodMom and I are going to undertake a very big project that will be a very big change in our family.

So far, Pookie and Geetle have shared a bedroom their entire life. Giggles has her own smaller bedroom. While the kids are gone this weekend, we are going to move Pookie into the smaller bedroom and move Giggles in with Geetle.

Which of course means new paint, new curtains, new bed for Pookie, etc.

We had planned on making the switch next summer or even the one after but Pookie seems to be getting to a phase where he’d really like a little quiet space where he can go to get away from the girls and their loudness girlness. We’re going to get him a new loft bedframe so that he can have a little storage/hangout area under the bed and still have some floor space in the room.

Geetle is going to get a privacy curtain surrounding part of her bed so that Giggles hopefully won’t try to talk to her all night and Geetle will be able to read at night with a nightlight without keeping Giggles awake.

I’m sure there will be some before/after photos coming in the near future.

Today starts Pookie’s 4 day summer school. It’s actually a training class for the special ed teachers. He’ll be part of a mock classroom with 3 other boys and the teaching groups will get to practice their “best practices” techniques.

I’m working on designing a website for someone running for political office. I’ll link to the site when it is done. Through word of mouth, the Democratic group for that county contacted me about redesigning their site. I’m waiting to hear yay/nay on my proposal that I presented yesterday. If that happens, there’s probably a decent chance that a few of the other candidates could learn of me and talk to me about helping with their sites.

BeAGoodMom are kicking around an idea for a new blog. I’ve spent a few minutes looking for domain names but didn’t buy one yet. If we decide to do it, that should start up in a couple weeks.

All of this reminds me that I need to write a book review for a book I was asked to review. I’ll be giving away a copy of the book so keep checking back if you are into free books showing up in your mailbox.

One project came to an end recently. I finished summer school. I took two 4 credit hour classes and got an A and A-.

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