The new rooms for the kids

by beagooddad on August 12, 2009

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BAGM, my mom, and I spent all Friday evening and all day (like 15 hours) working on the big conversion to send Pookie to Giggles’ old room and have Giggles move in with Geetle.

BAGM posted a bunch of pictures of the results. I’m pretty pleased especially since nothing major happened to slow us down.

All 3 of us worker bees were exhausted and sore by the time the kids were ready to come back from their Aunt and Uncle’s house where they spent two nights during the construction time.

We tried to prep Pookie for the move by saying that he was moving into Giggles’ room but that just seemed to make him grumpy. I think he thought that he was going to be sharing the room with Giggles.

He seems to love his new room. He’s spending a fair amount of time playing in there which seems to be giving him some much needed family chaos breaks during the day. Giggles seems perfectly happy with the move, too. Geetle loves her new bed. Everybody is still sleeping great so it appears to have been a success.

I noticed something yesterday. Pookie and Geetle had always shared a room by themselves since the day we brought them home from the hospital. In fact, the first thing we did when we brought the kids home was place them in their cribs. Then BAGM went into our bedroom and ate some fast food we had picked up on the way home.

They have slept apart when one goes to spend the night at a relatives or the few times the Geetle decided to have a slumber party in Giggle room. But this is permanent. A small break up of their twindom or something.

Watching Pookie take charge of his room, his own personal space, makes him seem so much older and more mature and more independent. I think the old room always had a feel of it being Geetle’s. That girl has a certain amount of inescapable gravity sometimes that just dominates situations and spaces. Giggles has a lot of that personality, too, so I think their new room will be a much greater merger than it was with Geetle and Pookie.

When Mamaw came over to watch the kids after the move, Pookie seemed to be showing off his new room. He climbed up in the bed a few times and seemed to be showing off his special toys that he keeps in the room.

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