Diary of a Fit Dad

by beagooddad on August 13, 2009

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I decided that I needed to get back into the gym for some running and weight lifting. Traditionally when I’m gyming it, I go after the kids go to bed. Between chores and end of the day malaise, that doesn’t end up working very well.

Our gym opens at 4am during the week. I am setting my alarm at 5am and I start running on the treadmill at 5:30 sans breaking the fast. 30 minutes of treadmill and about 20 minutes lifting weights and I’m heading home to shower before 7am gets here.

BAGM goes into the office on Wednesdays so I’m gyming it on Mon, Tue, Thur, Fri and maybe once on the weekend.

This is my first week but I have a few observations about life in the early morning gym.

  • There are no crowds! I have yet had to wait for one single piece of equipment. Between 5pm and 9pm, our gym is normally crowded enough that you have to wait or do alternate exercises a couple times per visit.
  • People go to work out. There is no chit chat. There is no cell phone usage. There is no magazine reading while working the elliptical. There are no whale tails peeking 3″ above the shorts waistband.
  • Working out in the morning does awesome things to your energy/biorhythms/attitude the rest of the day.
  • Working out in the morning makes you more likely to not eat like crap the rest of the day.
  • Things don’t come up to break the schedule. Afternoon/evening workouts are horrible because of how often school things, work things, and chores things force you to skip a workout. Nobody plans anything at 5am.

The treadmills face east out the front window. Right now, the sun pokes up over the trees on the horizon sometime around 5:40am. I normally take about 5-10 minutes to get loosened up when I run. As I mentioned earlier, I start running at 5:30am. The combination of loosening up and the sun coming up makes the last 20 minutes pretty sweet.

I have an iPod Touch and have been ripping my CD collection. So far I have 380+ CDs on my Mac Mini. The music is great at the gym but I have a couple apps that I use that I like even more.

One is an app that lets you log your workouts. It even has a few sample workouts and let’s you create your own. Checking off each exercise is very rewarding. Once I get a couple weeks of weight lifting sessions in, I’ll start doing a more formal weight lifting things where I target certain parts of the body on certain days. Having the software in my pocket at 6am will make it so much easier to keep track of what I’m wanting to do.

The other is called Lose It! That’s their gratuitous exclamation mark, not mine. Lose It! let’s you log everything you eat during the day as well as your weight. You can tell it you are trying to lose 1/2, 1, 1 1/2 or 2 lbs a week and it will tell you how many calories you should be eating and how long until you should reach your target weight. It adds to your “calorie budget” when you add in workouts that you’ve done.

Completely unrelated question based on a conversation I just had with Pookie. Shouldn’t it be upper case/under case letters?

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