My Fall School Schedule

by beagooddad on August 27, 2009

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My mom was asking me when I would either write a new post or update my Facebook page. She also does the whole texting thing so she is way hipper than I am these days. I’ll have to start yelling at her to stay off my lawn if this keeps up.

DustyShelf also asked for a school update.

So two birds, let me introduce my one stone.

This fall I’m taking Calc 3. You have to love a class where the syllabus says “Cal 3 is di?cult. No kidding. If you have problems catching up with the deadlines, let me know. We can always work something out!”

Here’s the description of the class from the UIS course catalog:

Basic analytic geometry in three dimensions, using vectors. Real-valued functions of two and three variables, partial derivatives, gradient and directional derivatives, level curves and surfaces, and maxima and minima. Parametrized curves in space, line integrals. Multiple integrals, with applications. Course Information: Prerequisite: MAT 116, or equivalent. This course fulfills a general education requirement at UIS in the area of Mathematics (IAI Code: M1 900-3).
4.000 Credit Hours

I actually started my college career with this class back in the fall of 1993. Ah memories. I didn’t really have to test out of Calc 1 and 2 because I already have credit for them (from when I tested out of them to get the course credits back in 1994). I really technically don’t have to take Calc 3 but I think it will be a good restarting point for me. I’m not expecting any problems with getting through this course with an A or B.

I’m working my way through the first week’s assignment which is just a quick review of Calc 1 and 2. So far it looks like my crazy summer crash course worked pretty well. I’m not having any real trouble with any of the problems.

After I finish this course, I’ll be able to start taking the actual real courses that are part of the online Math degree of UIS. This Calc class is just a prereq.

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