Fingerprinting kids in school

by beagooddad on November 9, 2006

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Are you tired of remembering passwords? Are you sick of carrying around a badge to get into the office? It’s time to start doing some fingerprint scanning. It’s the future. All the spy shows tell us so.

Like most great products, though, they need some guinea pigs to test them first. I was a guinea pig at a recent work assignment where my one little finger granted me access to the mystical cave of productivity…sometimes. It is nice when it works and makes you cuss when it doesn’t.

Grownups hate being guinea pigs, though. We are always complaining about something. Plus, it costs more than it is worth for most offices. So, were do you go for a big supply of captive testers and a ready supply of funding as long as it can be wiggled into the budget.

Grade school, of course.

A few elementary schools in California are about to start using a fingerprint scanner to pay when going through the lunch line.

There are all kinds of creepy security and privacy issues with letting the schools require fingerprinting. I’ll leave those for another discussion.

I just got done with another bout of family colds that probably followed Pookie home from school late last week. We are all now finally pretty much healed, but I can’t help but wonder how many more colds kids will have if they are all constantly touching the same little scanners. At least that’s a problem the article mentions that we should be worried about.

I don’t know if I am really that worried with my kid touching something that other kids have touched. Have they gotten rid of water fountains and pencil sharpeners since I left grade school?

It will be interesting to see if anybody keeps track of the sick day incidences in these schools versus other schools in the area. It will also be interesting to see who files the first lawsuit when their little germ-covered cherubs catches a doozy of a cold.

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