Pookie’s New Class

by beagooddad on August 27, 2009

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The big kids started school this week. They both seem to be doing well so far and it looks like our bus situation is settling down. I’m sure BAGM will write about that soon. It’s been exciting so far but no harm, no foul. And it looks like Pookie will be getting home much earlier than we expected since it looks like he’ll be the first off the bus.

We don’t really know too much about Geetle’s class because it takes a few days for a 20+ kid class to get into the swing of it. She does have a homework assignment of needing to read a book to us tonight.

We are learning a little bit about Pookie’s class. When we went to the classroom visit before school started last week I was a little nervous. The class is set up almost identical to how all of his classes have been set up so far. If you’ve been to a preschool or kindergarten class recently, you’ll know the layout. A handful of stations with quite a bit of toys and such. These are very important for a class full of kids with autism because they try to use that playing to encourage social interaction with the other kids which is great and fine.

Just as a reminder, Pookie is in a new autism program where all of the kids in his class have autism. So far there are 5 kids with a max of 8 allowed.

But I was kind of curious how much “school learning” they would be doing. Stuff like addition, reading, etc. I’ve never had a good feeling about how the district was going to keep Pookie on pace with that stuff.

But I try to just trust them and keep in mind that the social interactions are way more important for Pookie right now. Plus, Pookie is pretty “school smart” so he does a decent job learning most of the grade appropriate things at this point.

So I was checking his backpack today (day 2 of school) and was pretty floored. He had about 7 worksheets. A couple of them were language based (look at a picture and circle the first letter of the word type of things) but 4 or 5 of them were math based. Stuff like showing pictures of 5 soldiers on one line with 2 soldiers on the next line and then showing 5 + 2 = ____ and he’s supposed to fill in the blank. And picture patterns where he has to pic which picture would show up next in the pattern. I’m not sure how much help he’s getting but it is definitely his handwriting, his circles, his cutting, his gluing and his coloring and he’s getting almost all of the answers right.

If this is the direction they are headed and they are going to keep the social interactions as the main thrust of the class, we might be in very good shape this year.

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