Well, well, well.

by beagooddad on September 13, 2009

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Lookee here. An abandoned blog. I think will hijack it and write whatever I want. Now I have 2 blogs. My old blog at www.beagoodmom.com and this one, which I will use as sort of a blog away from blog. It will be a place I can let my hair down and whoop it up. Maybe I will post controversial topics! My first fire-starter will be Bears vs. Packers- pick a side, then Shut Up because NO ONE CARES!

Or maybe I will use this blog to link to my real blog, thereby increasing my Google Score with a bunch of incoming links. Speaking of interesting blog posts, did you see my new purse?

No! I know! I will use this blog to pretend to be BeAGoodDad and write wonderful things about my wife, God Bless ‘er. She’s a saint. She puts up with alot and does not ask for much in return. And boy-oh-boy is she a looker. 35 years old and can still do a back bend.

No, I guess I will leave this poor abandoned blog alone. Maybe someone will come back to claim it.

See you later, lonely blog.


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