So You Want To Host A Great Toddler Slumber Party

by beagooddad on August 9, 2006

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My 2 year old cousin nephew came in from out of town for a couple nights over the weekend. Everyone had a great time. I thought I would share some tips to help you host a great toddler slumber party.

  • The party is all about the kids. If at all possible, clear your schedule and make yourself available for the party. You would not want your wife to ditch you to go play a round of golf, so do not do that to her.
  • Make all of the kids sleep in the same room. Trying to get toddlers dressed for bed, read stories, give hugs and kisses, turn on nighttime music and night lights is hard enough with the extra kids. Do not make it more difficult by trying to do it in multiple rooms. Plus, the visitor will probably feel more comfortable in a room with his cousins/friends than if she was in a room by herself.
  • Plan one big event. Not zero. Not twenty. We went bowling and then out to Pizza Hut for lunch. Everybody had a good time bowling their one game. Everybody had a good time eating their pizza. Then everybody was tired. Tired toddlers crash hard and get crabby. If we tried to do more, they would have probably crashed during the next event. Instead they dozed in the car on the ride home and were ready to play when we arrived back at our house.
  • Spend time with the visitor, but do not forget your own kids. My nephew thinks I am one of the coolest people he knows. It is really surprising and cool. He wanted to spend a lot of time with me and tried to keep my own kids away. Kids like me because I like to tickle them, toss them, hold them upside down and spin them around. I made sure that I played with all three of them at the same time while doing these high energy games.
  • Go to bed at a decent hour. It might be tempting to plop in front of the TV after the kids go to bed. Instead, get the house cleaned up and make sure you are ready to go to bed at a normal time. The visitor will probably wake up early and need some attention. You do not want to be tired and crabby to start off the day.
  • Spend a lot of time in your kids’ toy room. The visitor does not play with these toys everyday. They are new treasures for him. When your kids seem him grabbing toys they have forgotten about, they will get excited about them again, too. You do not need to set up anything elaborate. They will must likely create their own fun out of the uniqueness of the day.
  • Have dessert. There is very little in the world more fun than watching a group of kids all eating a cookie or ice cream. They will remember it, too. One of my favorite memories of the week my cousins would spend with my Grandma every summer was vanilla ice cream in a bowl with chocolate syrup on top mixed until it was the consistency of a shake. Trust me. They will remember.
  • Leave the kids alone. Let them run, spin in circles, push cars, pile all of the stuffed animals in front of the bookcase. They will come get you when they want you. They will make you play the games they want to play. Follow their lead but stay out of their way if they are having a good time without you. Kids learning to play with other kids is an important social skill.

Most of all enjoy the moment, take pictures, and laugh with your spouse after the kids fall asleep. Make sure you schedule the next slumber party before you forget how much fun they are.

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