by beagooddad on September 21, 2009

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I was doing some math homework at the local coffee shop last night and overheard a funny conversation.

A girl around 20ish was reading some book that looked like a supplementary reading book for a psych or sociology class. She gets stuck on a word and starts talking to the guy she knows sitting at a nearby table. He’s probably late thirties.

She’s trying to figure out this word and having trouble even pronouncing it to him so she just spells it.

He is dorking around on his computer so he types it into Google to get a definition.

She starts making fun of society for being so ridiculous that we can’t even use a dictionary any more.

So they both start reading the definitions to each other and you can tell that neither of them is 100% certain of the meaning of this strange word they are encountering.

I had to put my headphones on to keep my head from exploding.

The elusive word was “essences.”

Then they proceeded to small talk for an hour and she never did get back to her homework before I left.

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