Small Solutions to Big Problems

by beagooddad on October 6, 2009

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This morning Pookie and I were standing by the front door waiting for the bus to roll up. Instead it rushed past our house and stopped next door. Pookie half walked out the front door and then came back in looking confused. A second later, the bus backed up and stopped in front of our driveway. The bus driver (a sub) apologized and said that she saw the garage door open next door and figured that was where she was supposed to go. No big deal. Pookie trotted out to the bus, sat down on the seat, and rode away.

As I was waving to the bus, I wondered if Pookie would yell at this temporary bus driver. Pookie has been yelling almost daily on the bus and the school and driver have been trying to figure something out. In the most recent letter home from the teacher, they said the bus driver wanted to try just ignoring him because when he yells, he’s been trying to make eye contact. That sounds like an excellent idea to me.

I’m interested to see if he bothers to try yelling at this substitute driver today.

While telling all of this to BAGM while checking in with her at work today, I had a couple quick thoughts. Pookie never yells on the way home after school (not that we’ve been told anyway) and he sits in a different seat on the way home.

So, I suggested that maybe we should try to get him to sit on a different seat on the way to school for a couple days and see if that breaks the cycle since he won’t be able to see the bus driver as well if he sits further back in the bus.

I’ll let you know what happens once his normal bus driver gets back and we try it out.

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