Let the real school work begin

by beagooddad on October 8, 2009

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Geetle brought home her first spelling list this week. I completely remember spelling as one feeling like one of the first “big kid” things in school. I used to love spelling and was always good at it which is funny because I could really care less about being so exact with it these days.

Anywho, Geetle got all of the words right on the Monday test. They are starting off with stuff like an, man, can, etc. Since she got all of those right, she gets to do the Mighty Speller list, too. That one has some tougher worlds like “pencil” “brand” “enter” and “candy.”

She’s having a little trouble on the tougher words which I find a little odd because she is such a strong reader. I always thought that I was a good speller back then just because I was such a good reader but maybe the connection between the two isn’t exact.

She was practicing last night during her homework time and despite getting a little frustrated was doing her best to keep in the game. She really doesn’t like things that she has to work at. She prefers to just be good at them.

Pookie doesn’t really have homework in his class so we normally try to make him do something similar to what Geetle is doing. I had him read me a story out of some old reading textbook one of our teacher relatives gave us. Despite being a little bored, he plowed through it without any problems. So, he and I joined the girls at the “homework” table (otherwise known as the dinner table). I gave him some paper right when Geetle was working on her Mighty Speller words. He got almost all of them correct and wrote the answers very quickly. He was even doing things like embellishing the words to make them more interesting while waiting for BAGM to read the next word. “Enter” became “In case of fire do not use elevator. Use the stairway” which I think is on a sign next to an elevator near his classroom.

The man is a mystery.

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