Cindy Margolis is an IVF mother

by beagooddad on November 16, 2006

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I just found out that Cindy Margolis is an IVF mother. I asked my wife and she said that she knew that. I spend a lot of time under a rock apparently.

The USA Today had a neat article way back in July 2002 where Cindy Margolis talks about her many failed IVF cycles and her final attempt with IVF where her doctors also did something called Gamete intrafallopian transfer (GIFT) which apparently is getting
a bit outdated.

I had never heard of GIFT before. It must be something they talk about under a different rock.

Gamete intrafallopian transfer involves taking the eggs and sperm similar to what happens for IVF. They are mixed together in the lab and then put right back into the mother’s fallopian tube where they will hopefully throw a party and create a little baby.

It is always good to hear people talk openly about their fertility troubles. It makes them seem a little more mainstream coming from a celebrity than some random person on the internet…which is funny since she became famous as some random woman on the internet.

If anybody would like to share their IVF or any other fertility treatments story with the world, but don’t have a good place to do it, please use the Contact Me link above and you can post an entry on this site. If you post your story somewhere else, let me know so I can send readers to the story.

Here’s where I am keeping track of everything I know about IVF including my experience with infertility.

I heard about Cindy Margolis and her IVF/GIFT cycles over at Demented Delusions where she spends some of her time talking about her own fertility treatments and recently announced that she will be starting an IVF cycle in December. Go wish her well.

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