Parents of the year

by beagooddad on October 14, 2009

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BAGM woke me sometime between midnight and 1 AM because Pookie was coughing pretty badly. We checked on him and he seemed okay other than the cough. We gave him some water and everybody went back to sleep.

This morning he was still making the same dry cough but had no other symptoms. He actually was in a good mood and playing with his toys just like normal. BAGM went to buy some cough syrup for him while I fed breakfast. He drink the cough medicine just fine, got dressed for the bus just fine and went back downstairs to play before the bus came just fine other than the occasional coughing.

I have a feeling the cough is either directly related to his allergies or caused because he hasn’t been able to clear all the mucous caused by the allergies. I don’t think he caught a cold/flu from anybody.

So, parents of the year so far, right?

Well, not so fast.

After Pookie finished brushing his teeth and heading downstairs, Giggles was taking her turn in the bathroom. BAGM brushed Giggles’ teeth and then let Giggles brush her own teeth for a few minutes like we normally do. BAGM and I were chatting.

Then I noticed that Giggles had managed to switch to Pookie’s toothbrush somewhere along the way and had spent the last minute brushing her teeth with Pookie’s potentially germ infested toothbrush.

In our family we believe that building immune systems is just as important as building character.

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