Library Love

by beagooddad on October 15, 2009

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I took the kids to our library a couple days ago. We had about 20 books checked out that were all due and I figured that would be a good fine to avoid.

We went on Tuesday which is the day our friend watches the kids. She is frequently looking for something to do between 4-5pm so all 7 of us piled into 2 cars and drove the mile to our new local branch. Pookie headed straight for the toys and eventually to the computer. Giggles headed straight for the toys and then eventually to the board books.

Geetle headed straight for the BOOKS. She had three or four books picked out before I even managed to get all the old books returned. She ended up picking out about 7 total. They varied between chapter books, a big book about pirate ships with lots of facts and giant pictures, and even a more kindergarten appropriate book about flying in an airplane, and a couple of book length kid comic books.

Before bed, she asked if she could read one during her reading time before she falls asleep. I said that she could as long as she remembered to return the book to the library book bag in the morning. First thing in the morning, she complained about having to wake up. Second thing she did was carry the book downstairs and put it away.

For a kid like her that reads about a chapter book a night, trips to the library really are mandatory. We have a ton of books in the house and she rereads like a fiend but there really is something special about getting a new book that she hasn’t read before. When we go to the bookstore she always picks the safe books. Books that are part of a series that she is already familiar with. I see her taking a lot more chances at the library because when you can bring home as many books as you want who cares if there are some duds.

If you are looking for another good reason to go to the library, they had a bunch of Halloween books hand picked and set up all over the place. We grabbed a few of those to help get us in the spooky mood.

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