The most popular kid in the playground

by beagooddad on November 19, 2006

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Geetle is starting to make friends like crazy. A few months of preschool have really helped her learn to play with kids. We were at Menards yesterday and stopped in their little make shift playground of Little Tykes and Stage 2 back yard play toys. Geetle made a friend right off the bat and they started chatting away.

Pookie is a man that does what he likes to do. He did not talk to Geetle or that other girl one time. He ran in circles. He jumped up and down. He investigated the house. He rode the little rollercoaster.

And, everywhere Pookie went the lambs were sure to follow. The other girl followed Pookie giggling like a school girl. Geetle followed and everyone had a great time.

Pookie frequently looked over his shoulder as if trying to figure out why these kids were following him which I took as a very social sign for Pookie. He normally just flat out ignores other kids. He seemed to get a little energy from all the excitement the girls were getting out of following him around.

Isn’t it strange that the boy that runs around like a wild man and ignores the girls entirely is the one that gets the flock of girls chasing him. I guess girls learn what they want at an early age.

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